Services is the main products of Seacom

Supporting new enterprises

Supporting new enterprises "Information technology is an indispensable tool for business management and development". With the sharings that we can approach and our customers require us to check and re-evaluate the effectiveness ...

IT F@ST Resuce

IT F@ST Resuce As an instant solution to support customer to cope with system incidents such as errors of: Hardware, Software, Virus, Hacker, DATA, CCTV Camera System...

Integrated System Maintenance

Integrated System Maintenance As a key service, Seacom mobilizes all of the best resources to fully deploy and implement our commitments to Customers with the following advantages:

IT For Rent

IT For Rent Through many years of experience in the field of Information Technology, we thoroughly understand the importance of the application of Information Technology (IT) to businesses.

Consultancy - Installation of CCTV camera system, burglar alarm systems

Consultancy - Installation of CCTV camera system, burglar alarm systems Internet Camera – is known as an efficient assistant, most reliable in monitoring and management of all movements around your Family, Business. The combination of quality hi-tech products with the GLOBAL INTERNET system

Supervision, design and installation of IT infrastructure

Supervision, design and installation of IT infrastructure The deployment of integrated systems for large-scale factories, buildings... is always interested in investing to ensure the effectiveness and the ability to satisfy the relentless development pace of IT sector

Consultancy - Design of BUSINESS Website

Consultancy - Design of BUSINESS Website The fastest and most effective way that helps you and your clients get closer is "INTERNET". So what do you do to ensure that long lasting effectiveness? SEACOM, with a team of dynamic and creative graphic ...

Investing, buying and selling domain names

Investing, buying and selling domain names Every domain name is a unique address, remains unchanged globally – It is a linking bridge to help you, your Business, Customers & your partners get closer together.

Unlimited Business Email

Unlimited Business Email Is the optimal solution for the exchange of communication across the globe. Is an indispensable tool for Businesses.

Repairing laptops and tablets

Repairing laptops and tablets We, with the support of specialized equipment in checking and repairing, always wish to offer our customers the certainty of diagnosis stage, the efficiency of advice, which decides the durability after implementation.

Data recovery

Data recovery Hardware, software failures or confusion in the treatment may lose or damage your important data. So how can you recover them?


E-Commerce Is a channel sharing and updating helpful news related to hardware and software products. Is a channel for referring to a number of quality products of globally reputable brands such as: Intel, AMD, DELL, SAMSUNG,...